Complicated Migration Became an Easy Task with IO River

Complicated Migration Became an Easy Task with IO River
Video AI
Management Orchestration
Saved 3 months of DevOPs team effort
P50 TTFB Improvement Worldwide


Minute.ly helps publishers, broadcasters, and content owners better utilize their video content. Their AI-driven technology solutions amplify the effects of video, increasing user engagement, distribution and maximizing content-generated revenue.

CDN is heavily integrated into the Minute.ly solution. The announcement of StackPath’s CDN shutdown necessitated a quick search for an alternative and its integration by Minute.ly.

IO River provided an exceptional solution, facilitating a successful transition from StackPath to an alternative vendor. It augmented the existing functionality of the new vendor to support all the advanced use cases employed by Minute.ly.

IO River significantly reduced the effort required by the Minute.ly DevOps team and offered a cost-efficient solution to continue global support for Minute.ly customers.

With the integration of IO River, migrating and balancing between CDNs for Minute.ly is just a click’s worth of effort away.


For Minute.ly, the CDN is a critical component of their service. They have utilized advanced capabilities, including custom features developed by StackPath. In addition to advanced configurations, their interaction with the CDN platform involved API integration as part of the Minute.ly service. The sudden announcement of StackPath’s CDN shutdown, giving only a few months for migration, put the Minute.ly engineering and DevOps team under pressure to find and integrate a suitable alternative in time.


IO River was a perfect partner to deal with such a situation, enabling Minute.ly to assess multiple vendors for capabilities, performance, and pricing.
IO River connected Minute.ly with premium CDN vendors, assisting in the migration from StackPath and offering advanced capabilities not readily available out of the box with the chosen vendor.
Using IO River, Minute.ly implemented a gradual and careful migration of production traffic to ensure zero impact on their customers. Throughout the entire process, Minute.ly continuously benchmarked the traffic characteristics between StackPath and the new vendor.


> Successfully completed full migration from StackPath

> Achieved a 35% improvement in TTFB worldwide