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Optimizing Minute Media CDN cost by 30%

Optimizing Minute Media CDN cost by 30%
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Cost-Based Traffic Switching, Management Orchestration, Availability & Performance Monitoring
CDN Cost Reduction
Improvemen in TTFB Worldwide


Minute Media is a leading technology and digital content company with owned content brands, including The Players’ Tribune, FanSided, and 90min.
Their proprietary video platform and SSP technology enable the creation, distribution, and monetization of digital short-form content experiences.

Naturally, the CDN plays a crucial role in Minute Media’s publishing platform infrastructure. With the increasing number of visitors, CDN costs have become more significant.

Minute Media is continually striving to enhance its brands' end-user experience, and content delivery performance and availability are vital to achieving this goal.

In the search for a solution to optimize CDN costs while enhancing availability and performance, IO River provided an innovative approach. This allowed Minute Media to easily adopt a multi-CDN approach and maximize the potential of multiple CDN platforms, thus reducing costs, significantly improving end-user performance, and enhancing service reliability.

he Proof of Concept (POC) with IO River was completed within a few days, followed by a gradual and cautious adoption of multiple CDN platforms. This effort resulted in a 30% reduction in CDN costs and a 50% improvement in performance with minimal effort investment from the Minute Media team.


With increased traffic volume, CDN costs have become a significantly larger portion of Minute Media’s overall infrastructure expenses. The original CDN vendor is recognized for its premium service, providing good reliability and reasonable performance across critical geo-locations.

A multi-CDN approach was considered to address these challenges. However, traditional multi-CDN adoption can be complex and costly.

IO River has made this transition straightforward. We can now easily test multiple CDN vendors, select the right combination of CDN providers, and align them with our business and product objectives.


We automatically imported Minute Media’s original CDN configuration into IO River’s platform. In a single click, we initiated testing with various CDN providers. Through multiple provider tests, we determined the ideal combination of CDNs that allowed us to achieve the following objectives:

  1. Substantial reduction in CDN costs
  2. Retaining and honoring their commitment to the original CDN provider
  3. Performance optimization for their users/customers

Minute Media plans to continuously expand its CDN portfolio to enhance the end-user experience and reduce costs consistently.

Following the testing phase, IO River facilitated the gradual and cautious adoption of the new providers. Throughout this process, Minute Media easily compared traffic behavior on different providers, ensuring their service operated optimally throughout the transition.


  • 30% CDN cost reduction
  • 50% TTFB improvement worldwide

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