Cut CDN expenses up to 40% with a guarantee to 5-nines and without leaving your vendor

In 2024, we're working hard to save money smartly.
You can actually cut down your CDN costs by almost half, all while keeping things  running super smoothly, being totally reliable, and make it fully functional.

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How we do it

Premium Service in low cost pricing

Our Virtual Edge architecture enable us to  consolidate two CDNs within a single infrastructure, perform failover in case of downtime, bridge functional gaps through the Edge Compute layer, and achieve significant cost savings without compromising on performance.

Cost-efficient Without Performance Sacrifice

Just like Algotrade, our technology knows how to choose the best Edge Platform for your traffic based on location, time, and price, allowing you to obtain the lowest price without compromising on performance.

highest Standard Guarantee
to 5-Nines

IO River commits to the highest industry standard - 99.999%, which will enable you to meet your SLA without any issues. Our smart Multi-Edge load balancer is able to detect downtime immediately and failover automatically.

Your commitments are being taken into account

If you've already bought a volume as part of your commitment, no need to worry – we've got a solution. With IO River, you can use your existing CDN provider on our Virtual Edge. We'll take care of automatically distributing the traffic between your CDN vendor and ensuring that you use your entire committed volume effectively.

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Consistent security and traffic control services

Our Virtual Edge creating a virtual platform that bridges functional gaps and compensate the missing parts. IO River offer a unified layer of services, including WAF, Rate limiting, Bot Management, Load balancing, etc.

We are Enterprise-Ready

We embrace companies of any size and handle any amount of traffic with ease.

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