Get 5-Nines on your Dynamic Traffic

Achieve a fully secured active-active architecture for your dynamic traffic, over multiple Edge Platforms.

Shred your backup plan for outage.
Get a multi-vendor consistent security.
Configure and code through single interface.
No extra Tier

Multi CDN vs. Virtual Edge

The next generation vs the last generation

Configure/Code Once

Orchestrate multiply Edge providers from IO River platform within few clicks. Code your edge compute once and we  will make sure your code runs over your Edge platforms.

Increase Efficiency
Avoid Inconsistency
Reduce malfunctions

Unified Security

Achieving consistent security with Multi-CDN force you to add an extra tier of security. Otherwise, you create invisible  security breaches.

Our Virtual Edge provides consistent security behavior over WAF, Rate Limiting and other security services on top of existing Edge platforms.

Stay secured
Avoid Inconsistency

No Extra tier

With Multi CDN architecture it possible to add an additional security and traffic control services as a tier, but in this case this tier(s) become a new single-point of failure and degrading performance.

Virtual Edge remove this barrier by provide the entire functionality at the Edge.

High Performance
No single point of failure

How it works:
Behind Virtual Edge

Our technology is using Edge Platform’s API to provide unified management and visibility across multiple vendors. Additionally, our Virtual Edge Platform relies on Edge Compute capabilities of the vendors to provide consistent services such as WAF and rate limiting.

virtual edge

DevOps Friendly:
Following the Industry Standard

We know that successful DevOps requires the right tools. That's why our platform supports SSO, RBAC, and Terraform. Provides user interface following API First approach.


Maintaining a secure and trusted environment

Our commitment to data privacy and security is embedded in every part of our business. We are very religious about out security and data privacy standard to keep your customers protected as best as possible.

aicpa soc
hipaa compliant

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