The CDN Migration That Doesn’t Risk Your Traffic

An overall migration technology that helps you make Data-driven purchasing decision, migrate and test functionality, and gradually shift traffic to your new CDN.

Compare and cherry pick your CDN
Automatically migrate your configuration
Shift traffic gradually and safely
Compare and cherry pick your CDN
Automatically migration your configuration
Shift traffic gradually and safely

We Provide a Solution For Each Stage of
The Migration Process

Set a POC which compares between CDNs is a Piece of Cake

Our solution will allow you to easily and quickly choose the next CDN provider based on data.

  • Easily run a POC and compare multiple CDN vendors simultaneously.
  • Forget about spending hours learning unused documentation.
  • Gather data easily about cost, performance and more, to make better purchase decision.
find CDNs provider
The performance metrics displayed in the visualization are fictitious and do not pertain to any actual providers.

Save Weeks of work inconfigure your new CDN

Transfer all of your configuration from the current CDN to the new one with a 1-click, including:

  • Copy all your functionality from one CDN to another.
  • Receive updates to stay in control of the process.
migrate setup

Safely and gradually switch to the new CDN without any traffic loss

  • Gradually route your traffic from the previous provider to the current one with the click of a button.
  • Monitor and compare the current and new providers along the way to identify any glitches and malfunctions.
  • Instantly redirect all traffic to the previous provider in case of any issues.
shift traffic

Use IO River for your CDN migration

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Migrate from single CDN to multi-CDN architecture instantly

  • Deploy the existing functionality on a number of new CDN providers.
  • Save months of your DevOps team.
  • No need to invest in learning documentation.
  • Manage your entire architecture from a single user interface.