Unlock infinite opportunities
with virtual edge

A Multi Edge Platform,
enabling online services to operate effectively and
achieve first-class performance, reliability, and cost efficiency.

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Why Your Clients
need IO River

The first “Multi-CDN as a Platform" service, allowing your customers to effortlessly build and maintain their Multi-CDN architecture, so it feels like  they still using a single CDN vendor.

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Deploy All
at Once
Orchestrate all your Edge Platforms through a single interface
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for 5-nines
We committed to
5-nines even for dynamic traffic
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Optimize Delivery Cost
Achieve optimal cost vs. perfromance balance for your traffic
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Uplift Performance up to 30%
Our multi-CDN switching is based performance and geo and provide the best performance for each user in real time

Enjoy a Global Unit Price

IO River's purchasing power allows us to build an elastic pricing model and provide competitive prices.

Address Any Customer Need

We have created a product that addresses: cost reduction, performance enhancement, amplify reliability, ease of ongoing maintenance and migration - all in one place.


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We Are Creating Cross-Sales Opportunities

So when you offer IO River, you're actually providing two products: IO River itself, along with at least one CDN.

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There is a 60% uplift in consumption of Multi-CDN, create a new revenue
opportunity for your business without doing anything for it.

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Each of our deals started with two CDNs at the minimum
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We are significant buyers of traffic who purchase traffic with a commitment
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We have a wide partner network that can begin selling your product or service starting tomorrow
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